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About Destiny-2000 Ltd......

Destiny-2000 Ltd. is one of the largest multi-level marketing companies of the world. About 3 million Distributors have joined the company since its inception in December 2000. Having its corporate office in Dhaka Bangladesh, it has branches all over the country. With the goal to create self-employment opportunities for millions of educated-unemployed youths of Bangladesh, the company started its journey on a very rough road. Since the marketing concept was new in Bangladesh, the company started to face with many difficulties from the beginning. The concept was misunderstood by many people, even by some of the government agencies.
However, under the dynamic leadership of its Managing Director, Mr. Mohammed Rafiqul Amin, the company could overcome those, and made a remarkable progress down the road. During this period, the company has made significant contributions to the economy of Bangladesh, by paying not only huge amount of taxes to the government, but also enlisted a large number of new taxpayers. With 1800 employees at present, the company has 24 sister concerns. To bring a real change in the society as a whole, the company has been contributing a lot from the agricultural to the cultural sectors. Its contribution to fight against the sufferings of the humanity is remarkable. Always it stood with the people who were devastated with the natural calamities. And thus it translates its slogan into reality: Together we build our dream.

Name of the Company : DESTINY-2000 LTD.
Nature of Business : Network Marketing (Direct Sales.)
Date of Registration : 14th December 2000, with joint stock company under the Ministry of industries & Commerce.
Number of Registration :: C-42075(1434)/2000.
Trade License No.

: 1227, Dhaka City Corporation, Area-36, Date of issue 03/01/2001.

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

: 1412009196, Tax area -04, Dhaka (South).
VAT Registration No.
: 9021057474.

Organizational Membership
: Dhaka Chamber Commerce and Industries (DCCI). Registration No- 10756, dt. 11/11/2001
Head Office
: National Scout Bhaban (8th Floor), 70/1 Inner Circular (VIP) Road, Kakrail, Dhaka, Bangladesh.Phone: +880-2-9359131,9362905,9362906.
Fax: +880-2-8322439.
Direct Fax to Managing Director: +880-2-9362909.

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Corparate Office
: 38 Inner Circular (VIP) Road, Kakrail, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Phone: +880-2-8362010, 8361912, 8361913

Why Destiny
"The mission of Destiny-2000 Ltd. is to enhance the quality of life by creating self employment scope for unemployed youth leading to promote millions of small entrepreneurs."

Goals : To realize the mission Destiny will :
Involve 3 million Distributors in with in year 2012.
To ensure essential items and house hold appliances worth Tk. 5000 million through its beneficiaries.
Produce 100 essential items by establishing 25 sister concerns of its own.
Be the highest tax payer company in the country and create 50,0000 individual Tax payers.
Establish itself as a welfare company for unprivileged segment of the population.
Demonstrate accountability and transparency in business and financial dealings.

OUR COMMITMENTSOurs is a customer focused company thriving fast in both earning and ability to stand out as a leading Multi-Level Marketing Company. Our business initiatives centre on the emerging needs of the customers. Our commitments are-
To provide service with high degree of professionalism.To respond to customer needs with speed & accuracy and to share their values & beliefs.To offer first-rated solutions of any problem & issue.To ensure safety and security of the customers.
• Integrity : Conduct all our activities with a sense of deep accountability by being honest within and outside the company.
• Challenges : Seek not just what we are capable of now but acquire the capacity to achieve what we dream.
• Team Spirit : Build teams that we are excited to be a part of and that will push us to new heights.
• Skills and Process : Upgrade our skills and process constantly to stay on the top.
• Responsibility : Respect nature, society and stakeholders as the ultimate good business practice.

Destiny Group
Present Sister Concern of Destiny-2000 Ltd.

Destiny Shopping Center Ltd.
Engaged in the business of Shopping Mall in different cities/towns of the country.

Air Destiny Ltd.
Engaged in the business of working as booking Agent of persons & goods for air shipping etc.

Destiny Electric & Electronic Industries Ltd.

Destiny Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd.

A Multipurpose Co-operative Society of the business persons of Destiny-2000 Ltd. having present membership of over 3 lac persons and paid-up capital of about Tk. 300.00 crore.

Destiny Tree Plantation Ltd.
Engaged in the plantation of trees on commercial basis all over the country. Till date the company has planted over 94 Lac trees on 6293 acres. The target is to raise the plantation number to 6 crore by 2012.

Alysha Destiny Agro Complex Ltd.
Engaged in the plantation of trees on commercial basis at Satkania, Chittagong.

Destiny Hitachi Electric Industries Ltd.

Diamond Builders Ltd.
A high rise commercial building under implementation.

The Dainik Destiny
Dainik Destiny, a daily news paper with present asset value of over Tk. 2.00 crore.

Destiny Printing & Packaging Ltd.
This company is in the process of setting up a most modern printing & packaging project for printing of celluloid films for high quality packaging for exportable products.

Destiny Medical College & Hospital Ltd.

Destiny Media & Publications Ltd.

Destiny Printing Press

Destiny Developers Ltd.
Engaged in the Real Estate development at different cities. presently owns 9.37 bighas land in Dhaka, Khulna and Barisal cities for construction of commercial and apartment buildings and 11.51 bighas land at Savar for housing project.

Boishakhi Media Ltd.
Owns Baishakhi TV, a private TV channel with present asset value of over Tk. 14.00 crore.

Destiny Education & Health Foundation
A Foundation set up for undertaking income generating activities health, nutrition and other projects for greater benefit of the society.

Destiny Agro Industries Ltd.
Engaged in the business of cultivating Super High Breed ( SHB) paddy & High Yielding Variety (HYV ) paddy in join venture with agricultural land owners.

Destiny Environment Savings Energy Ltd.


Configure Engineers & Construction Co. Ltd.

Destiny Builders Ltd.

Destiny Tea Limited.

Destiny Security Force Ltd.

Destiny Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Configure Housing Ltd.

Bondhishahi Cold Storage Ltd.

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